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Physically Based Textures for Octane Render in Cinema 4D

Hand made, procedural textures designed for Physically Based Rendering (PBR). These materials use the Normal and Displacement channels to create a modeled 3D look, with physical displacement that catches light bounces and casts shadows. Simply choose a Matereal, drag and drop over a 3D object, and the Matereal will do the rest.

With all of the materials set up for the Octane Render Engine inside of Cinema 4D, results can be viewed in real time. The amount of displacement and quality of the textures will affect render time.

All Matereals are organized by appropriate style and category and can be scaled up to 4K. They’re also 100% seamless, tile-able, with some featuring color controls. Every download includes a Cinema 4D file, and it’s individual texture files, which can be used in any 3D package, with any render engine.

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