A very simple and effective way of using BVH files in Cinema 4d. I Want This!
Β  AniFont is a Cinema 4D animated β€œfont”. All elements within the font are completely editable, every aspect can be modified and tweaked. Taking individual letters to make any word you like! TypO! was rendered with Octane Render for Cinema 4D and sculpted in Zbrush. I Want This!
Creating text in zbrush is a very simple 3 part process. From taking any shape from illustrator or photoshop and using it as a mask, to using the extract feature inside zbrush. Sculpting add on details to create extremely detailed and custom design 3d shapes. Exporting individual shapes as an .OBJ, to Cinema 4D for compositing.

Zbrush Panel Loops are a fast and powerful way of making extremely detailed mechanical and organic models. I Want This!
UlloO was modelled in Zbrush and rendered with Octane Render in Cinema 4D. Composited in AfterEffects. I Want This!
My first attempt with the new sculpting feature in R14.. i am using sIBL for my renders - (hdrlabs.com/sibl/archive.html)

PacManson was made with the sculpt feature of Cinema 4D R14, it begins with sculpting, followed by bodypainting. Rendered in Vray, this took from start to finish almost 5 hours.. I enjoyed making this, and i hope you enjoy watching it. Bodypaint is a simple yet very powerful module, that can give your renders and models an exclusive custom look. Its basic setup is exactly like Adobe Photoshop layers, and the painting on the model itself, can be controlled easily with layer modes, and filters.
ChronoSculpt is a time-based cache sculpting solution for all 3d programmes! Developed by Newtek, this is a mind-numbing update to the 3d workflow. Check more details here - lightwave3d.com/chronosculpt/
keyframed a couple of cubes.. and went from there πŸ™‚
louis armstrong .. its a wonderful world , displacement based C4D experiment

A short film exploring the idea of how creation and destruction keep a watchful eye on each other.. as and when one decides to cross the line, the other plays its part to return things in balance. Sometimes, every once in a billion, a few escape.. this is their story.
Dropping Diamonds Since 2011 πŸ™‚